Fhenix Fhenomena:
Grant Program

Calling all creators to make history with the holy grail of cryptography!

We’re excited to announce the Fhenix Fhenomena Grant Program, an foundation-led initiative to support and recognize FHE and Web3 content contributions to Fhenix’s ecosystem.

The aim of this program is to cultivate a specialized pool of content creators to support educational content in multiple formats. To qualify, content can be in any medium, across any channel, and can traverse any topic related to Fhenix or fully-homomorphic encryption. The grant program is open to individuals, independent teams, agencies, studios, media teams, and academics.

Why apply? Benefits:

  • Front seat in the most exciting technological movement in blockchain space
  • Reward for every publication
  • Access Fhenix’s exclusive FHE knowledge base
  • Meet Fhenix’s core team and technology partners
  • Early access to Fhenix ecosystem projects and protocols
  • Become a key contributor to Fhenix foundation
  • Access otherwise exclusive opportunities

We’re looking for contributors with knowledge about  blockchain technology, Web3 thought leadership, FHE technology, encryption solutions and encrypted computation, Ethereum’s landscape, L2’s, FHE real world use cases, and the interactions of FHE and AI.

In that spirit, we want to support writers and content creators that focus on blockchain technology and encryption solutions, who see confidential computation as a key element in web3’s ecosystem development and wish to be at the front of this huge technological revolution!

If you’re looking to publish cutting-edge content, establish your online voice, and create new opportunities in web3 spaces, apply to Fhenix’s writers program right now.