What will you build?

Explore a new landscape of dApps enabled by the power of confidential
computation & Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Confidential Transaction

Enabling confidential yet auditable transactions onchain

Blind Auctions

Allowing users to place confidential bids, maintaining anonymity and fairness without exposing personal data or sensitive 
bid details

Confidential DeFi

Ensuring all sensitive onchain data remains confidential and secure, which in turn allows for a new forms of competitive DeFi

Confidential Voting

Empowering public DAOs and governance processes like confidential voting and discreet proposals while ensuring a secure ecosystem

Decentralized Identity

An onchain identifier facilitating a secure and verifiable digital identity, ensuring that individuals identity remains self-owned and not subject to control by a centralized authority

Trustless gaming

Securing in-game transactions to prevent unauthorized access and protecting player data, including their historical strategies, owned assets, and personal information

Privacy preserving AI

Enabling secure, confidential, and efficient use of AI applications while mitigating concerns about personal data breaches, data segregation and privacy violations

MEV protection

Preventing front running, selective insertion, censorship, or re-ordering of transactions within the blocks, by allowing confidential computing on encrypted pending transaction data