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Fhenix is the first Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) powered L2
to bring computation over encrypted data to Ethereum

A new, encrypted web is
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Truly functional markets require end-to-end encryption.

Fhenix rise 
to the challenge by unlocking unprecedented encryption capabilities on Ethereum, ushering a new era for Web3.

The power of Fully Homomorphic Encryption is unmatched!

FHE is a cutting-edge mathematical encryption scheme that facilitates computations on encrypted data without the need for decryption! 

This enables deployment of confidential smart contracts, ensuring that transaction inputs and states stay encrypted throughout the entire computation process, or in other words, end-to-end encryption for Web3 based applications.

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Fhenix is unlike ANY other encrypted computation solution

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Unprecedented security

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Confidential Transactions

Fhenix enables confidential transactions by computing on encrypted transaction data. This ensures users privacy and security, while allowing for transparency. With Fhenix, users can safeguard sensitive financial information in the most secure manner.

Confidential Voting

Confidential voting using Fhenix's allows users to cast their votes securely while keeping their choices confidential. This function ensures the integrity of the voting process, protects voters' privacy, and enhances trust in electoral systems.

Confidential Auctions

Fhenix's confidential smart contracts power private auctions where users can bid on items or services without exposing their bids. Confidential bids are submitted to the blockchain, ensuring anonymity and data privacy. When the auction concludes, winning bids are unveiled, guaranteeing fairness and confidentiality, ideal for high-value items or sensitive transactions.

Confidential Gaming

Fhenix enables the creation and sustainability of on-chain casino gaming platforms by offering encrypted data storage and on-chain true randomness, making decentralized casino platforms viable in Web3.

Decentralized Identities (DID)

Fhenix enables to build a Decentralized Identity platform by enabling securely storing and verifying encrypted user identity data. With Fhenix users could have control, privacy, and selective disclosure, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing identity security.

MEV Protection

Fhenix empowers users with robust Miner Extractable Value (MEV) protection by leveraging encrypted computation. This allows for the encryption of transaction details, rendering them inaccessible to miners seeking to manipulate transaction sequencing for personal gain. Fhenix ensures that MEV-related risks are significantly reduced, resulting in a fairer and more secure blockchain environment for all participants.

Decentralized Gaming

Fhenix revolutionizes the world of Decentralized Gaming by providing a secure and privacy-enhanced platform. Through the use of FHE, it enables gamers to enjoy privacy in their gaming activities while ensuring data integrity and fairness. Decentralized gaming experiences are now elevated, offering players a secure and transparent environment for their enjoyment.

Privacy-preserving AI

Fhenix pioneers Privacy-Preserving AI solutions, harnessing FHE technology. With Fhenix, sensitive data remains encrypted throughout AI processes, ensuring data privacy. This enables secure, confidential, and efficient AI applications while mitigating concerns about data breaches and privacy violations. Fhenix empowers AI developers to build innovative, privacy-centric solutions, ushering in a new era of responsible AI.

Confidential DeFi

With Fhenix, encrypted transactions and encrypted data can be processed in DeFi. Incorporating this innovation ensures user privacy and data confidentiality, enabling secure and private DeFi applications like dark pools and secure asset management, transforming blockchain-based 
financial operations.

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Fhenix is the first confidential L2 powered by fully homomorphic encryption. Through the usage of fhEVM, Fhenix enables Ethereum developers to seamlessly build encrypted smart contracts and perform encrypted computation of data, all while using Solidity and other familiar, easy-to-use tools.


FHE offers developers a superior technology for securing private data and performing encrypted computation which enables a wide array of new and highly necessary use cases in Web3. Fhenix’s modular design facilitates the seamless integration of FHE / encrypted computation across all blockchain layers and allows for the easy deployment of confidential smart contracts.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is a math based encryption scheme that facilitates computations on encrypted data without the need for decryption. This enables deployment of confidential smart contracts, ensuring that transaction inputs and states stay encrypted throughout the entire computation process, or in other words- end-to-end encryption for Web3 based applications.

No. Zk proofs allows verifications only which support scalability better, but don’t facilitate encrypted computation due the inability to combine private data from multiple parties. In this sense, ZK is more relevant for scalability with some degree of security, where FHE allows for higher levels of data security coupled with unprecedented use cases supported by its ‘holistic’ encryption features, like private on-chain auctions.

Data encryption is the last remaining problem to solve in public blockchains, such as Ethereum. By utilizing Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) technology for confidential smart contracts, we’re able to offer exceptional levels of data security and pave the way for unprecedented use cases in blockchain and AI.

By leveraging cutting edge Fully Homomorphic Encryption technology, Fhenix enables confidentiality in Smart Contracts. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) facilitates computations on encrypted data without the need for decryption! FHE offers the potential to enable confidential smart contracts, ensuring that transaction inputs and states stay encrypted throughout the entire computation process.

Yes, Fhenix is a L2 rollup on Ethereum focused on confidentiality.

Yes, Fhenix offers full support for Solidity 

The fhEVM is a set of extensions for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that enable developers to seamlessly integrate FHE into their workflows and create encrypted smart contracts without any cryptographic expertise, while still writing in Solidity. The fhEVM protocol was originally developed by Zama, the leading cryptography company building open source homomorphic encryption solutions for blockchain and AI, and was integrated directly into the Fhenix Network through a strategic partnership.